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  • Play Houses

    Play Houses

    Your children will enjoy hours of pleasurable play – whatever the weather.?All playhouses are constructed with safety foremost in mind.?They can be produced in a variety of sizes using the finest timber available to withstand the?rigors?of children play.

    They guarantee a fun, safe and weatherproof environment for playtime.?When the weather is nice and the children are restless, a children’s wooden playhouse is a parent’s best friend. Children are entertained for hours and are kept creatively stimulated by imagining their own world within the wooden playhouse walls. Do your children like to play teacher? A wooden playhouse would be an excellent one room school house. Do they have a secret club? No better headquarters than a wooden playhouse! The versatility of our playhouses make sure the fun never stops! Role playing, plenty of exercise and fresh air – much better than hours in front of the television! Funshog Garden Sheds?playhouses provide the perfect set-up for your child to interact with others in the neighborhood, learn social skills and provide experiences they will cherish forever.

    In our modern world children are being encouraged to spend more and more time trapped inside the confines of the home. Computers, games consoles and networking websites have contributed to a loss of innocence and imagination from our offspring. Add that to our children’s need to exercise more to halt the spread of obesity and the garden can become an attractive place to combat these modern foes.

    Funshog Garden Sheds have a range of playhouses that will help to bring back the fun to the garden for children of any age and with play comes the development of imagination and over all exercise.



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